Join us on this learning journey of deep self-study combining
micro-macro wellbeing methods for the post-modern woman

Personalized Functional Nutrition
Embodiment Practices & Life-Design Strategy

1 MONTH: online learning + COACHING

1-30 · November · 2 0 1 9



11-17 · November · 2 0 1 9



This learning journey is designed to be a metabolic reset for women to rewire our systems for resilient digestion and energetic abundance to supercharge us to be & work in harmony in an increasingly complex world. 

Beginning with a blood test, we’ll enter a month-long program to have an honest look at your system, reset your cells and rewire your nervous system. This process will help you become more resilient, self-aware and clear in making life decisions that are most true for your body, your life/work, and ultimately the world. 

The work is based on the Sadie Kaufman Method, with over 20 years experience analyzing women’s blood work and supporting life-changing resets. We’ll supplement the program with embodiment practices, daily rituals and life strategy tools that will support you in every step of your transformation.


The world needs vital female leaders connected to their innate body intelligence. 

In this complex times, how do you tend to your wellbeing while dealing with life’s challenges? How will you birth the a new future? 

Your body is the vessel of your potential. It requires multiple layers of support to deal with challenging life transitions. We propose a micro-macro approach to support your transformational process:

MICRO: Understand and amplify your vitality at the cellular level. Begin to self-heal through a personalized program that blends groundbreaking scientific research and traditional wisdom.

MACRO: Clarify your life’s purpose, by working directly with the body’s innate wisdom and the revolutionary Life-Design system of the Gene Keys.

Are you ready to radically transform your relationship to your body’s health and join us on this reset?
Share your story with us by filling out the following application.

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Micro-Macro Wellbeing

We’ve assembled an incredible team of 4 female practitioner with unique orientations in wholistic living
to guide you on this feminine learning journey:



Get a personalized nutritional protocol for vitality and optimal health. Look at your bloodwork, learn to take the right choices and reprogram your cellular metabolism.

Have a 1-on-1 call with Sadie Kaufman, an expert with more than 20 years of experience in metabolic analysis to look at your bloodwork and understand your cellular health. Continue with 3 days of dynamic learning during retreat.


embodiment practices

Learn lifestyle & embodiment habits that support your body’s natural regeneration process and reconnect you to your innate feminine body intelligence. 

Practice healing movement sequences, powerful energetic cultivation and experience deep connection through pleasurable rituals, dance and ceremony.



Align your life’s work with your unique genius and develop ritualized systems to bring more flow, abundance and clarity in your work and communities.

Uncover your unique gifts and align to your soul’s purpose via 1-on-1 coaching session with Ting Kelly using the revolutionary approach of the Gene Keys.



Connect with a community of women on a like-minded path
and a network of healing practitioners that can continue to support you on your lifetime journey.

“This human life form is to be stewarded in a way
that honors its sacredness.”



Elemental layouts_VESSEL_V26.jpg

You’ve tried all sorts of diets, therapy, coaching, supplements, yet it still feels like something’s off. Maybe it’s a feeling of dissonance, exhaustion, lack of direction or unpredictable energy shifts throughout the day. Have you ever had the urge to reach beyond your symptoms to get to the root of the matter?


The law of attraction happens at a cellular level. If we can learn how to heal our cells, then our view of the world and our relationship to it will change. No longer do we need to carry old stories of shame, scarcity and fear that keep us playing small in a life that isn’t fulfilling us. It’s actually in our hands to become educated self-healers and purposefully direct our lives to what our hearts and bodies are yearning for.



The online learning journey begins November 1st.
You will receive access to a password protected site with a comprehensive curation of materials to prepare you for the retreat and get you started on the journey of deep self study.

From November 11-17 we are gathering for a 6-day immersion in the mystical mountains in Malinalco and Mexico City’s vibrant cultural vortex. We will handle all accommodations, meals and experiences.

The learning journey continues after retreat for the entire month of November, plus the option to continue working closely with the practitioners that best suit your wellbeing goals. Read below for the program description.


ready to join us?

We have 18 spaces for a community of women from around the world. Fill out the following application form and tell us more about yourself and your intentions. We will accept applications on a first-come first serve basis, so reserve your place now. We’d love to have you be part of this innovative learning and healing experience and support you in birthing the future only you can bring into this Earth.

We welcome any woman on a leadership path, in the midst of recreating her story, in pursuit of a vision, in the process of becoming... with a desire to be of service embodying her unique gifts, on a journey of healing, self-knowledge and a yearning to be part of a community of female creatrixes who are ready to show up for themselves and each other.

payment plans




September (deposit): $600

October (2nd install): $900

November (3rd install - by Nov 2): $900


EARLY BIRD - until sept. 28


September (deposit): $600

October (2nd install): $650

November (3rd install - by Nov 2): $650

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With global economic challenges, we understand latin-american currencies have suffered widely, we are offering 3 scholarships to women living in Mexico and South America.
Inquire with us on how to apply >>


program description


learning journey

november 1st - 30th

  • Blood test analysis by Sadie Kauffman Method Team -  Complete a list blood tests in lab near where you live (you can work with a recommended lab for the best price and to eliminate the need for a Doctors appointment). Test results are sent directly to Sadie’s team for analysis. 

  • Wellbeing concierge support:

    • Questionnaire to personalize your experience.

    • 1-on-1 60-min. call for bloodwork analysis and nutritional guidance with Sadie 

    • 1-on1 60-min. call for Gene Keys map and Intention Setting with Mari/Ting

  • 3 learning modules: Nutrition, Embodiment and Life’s Work
    Allocate 1-2 hours per week. Accessible through a password-protected site with all resources to view at your leisure.

    • guided meditation (download audio) 

    • soundscape playlists for stillness and flow 

    • Worksheet with self-study questions

  • Pre-reading Curated Learning Resources

    • Gene Keys overview PDF

  • Community Support Group - You’ll get access to a support channel in Whatsapp to share any questions, resources, links and emotional support.


live retreat

Arrival to Mexico City Sunday November 10th

in person 6-day Immersion details 


  • 3 day nature retreat in Malinalco (NOVEMBER 11-15) 

    • Transport to retreat center from Mexico City (2hr drive)

    • Accommodations in extraordinary retreat venue by a ceremonial mountain and pristine nature

    • Private pool for cleansing and sun bathing 

    • 3 nourishing organic meals tailored to your dietary needs

    • Hands-on workshop to “build your own plate” in an open kitchen

    • Cacao and tea ceremony

    • 20 years practical expertise from Sadie Kaufman’s Method 

    • 2 embodiment sessions a day: Meditation + Restorative Yoga + Somatic dance

    • Daily creative exercises, guided journaling and rituals for deep self-study 

    • Evening fire-pit and group rituals

    • Temazcal ritual

    • Healing treatments with hand-selected practitioners - Watsu, Massage, Womb healing (additional cost) 

  • 3 day Mexico city immersion  (NOVEMBER 15-17) 

    • Transportation from retreat center to Mexico City.

    • Accommodation in wellness studio and private residency in Condesa, Mexico City

    • Nourishing breakfast and lunch tailored to your dietary needs

    • Two dinners are open for you to explore Mexico City’s culinary scene, with curated recommendations.   

    • Sessions will be held in amazing female-led co-working space in city center: MIA Co-Growing 

    • Creative integration rituals to support an easeful transition into your daily life. 

  • Departure Sunday, November 17th


post program

Integration sessions post-immersion (at additional cost):

To integrate and metabolize the cycles of transition we recommend you pair the program work with the following:

  • Bodywork / Massage sessions (recommended healers

  • Deep Dive Program with Sadie (1:1 Nutritional support

  • Deep Dive Program with Ting (Nightingale 1-month journey or 3-day intensive or 1:1 coaching)

  • Womb mirroring and yoni steaming 1:1 work with Mariana Quiroga 



who are we

Mari Sierra, Sadie Kaufman, Ting Kelly & Mariana Quiroga at MIA-CoGrowing, a female-led co-working space in Mexico City

Mari Sierra, Sadie Kaufman, Ting Kelly & Mariana Quiroga at MIA-CoGrowing, a female-led co-working space in Mexico City

Healing, Embodiment & Ceremony with Mar Sierra |

Mar Sierra is an experience designer for transformation. Trained as a systems thinker, yoga teacher, performance artist and strategic designer, Mar graduated from an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts in 2013.

She guides retreats, conferences and leadership trainings around the world. Mar has developed her conscious movement practice influenced by 12+ years of teaching and practicing Yoga, meditation, healing and wisdom traditions, as well as dance and performance methods. Her classes encourage flow and bodily wisdom as a pathway to heightened states of presence. She sees dance as an antidote to our modern fears and aloneness, and creates rituals to explore questions of personal/collective consciousness.

In 2018 I was paralyzed for two days, all my joints calcified and unmovable. My mind was weak, confused and anxious. Half my hair went white and I lost my period. Seriously there was something wrong, and I was only 32!! I was feeling overwhelmed, misinformed, without clear direction on what to do. Miraculously, I visited Sadie days after my paralysis. After our first conversation looking at my bloodwork, I knew I could trust her with my life.  “Your system is in an emergency,” said Sadie calmly, “and you will recuperate your health”. After 7 months of focused inner work and lots of rest, I learned to adjust and manage my lifestyle choices to proactively deal with insulin resistance, systemic inflammation, viruses and hormonal imbalances, conditions I didn’t even know were in me. 

Sadie’s gift is that she translates her deep knowledge of life on a cellular level and helps your system find it’s natural way to self-heal. Using advanced blood testing to collect the right information and go beyond the symptoms, you learn to understand the metabolic function of your cells. By seeing the whole picture of your life story, she guides you to precise adjustments in nutrition, rituals, supplements and small, yet radical lifestyle habits, that nurture and restore the body’s optimal functions.

Her companionship in this transformative year has been profound and sincere; she was able to hold me in my vulnerability as I dealt with my best friend’s death, she encouraged me with clarity to continue on the path towards health while affirming my commitment with my life. 

That’s why I’ve invited her to share her powerful method of healing through functional nutrition. For anyone who wants to get rid of systemic imbalances and deal with chronic conditions, it’s critical that we learn how to read the signs of our body at the metabolic level.

Functional Wholistic Nutrition with Sadie Kaufman |

Sadie is a certified Functional Nutritionist who has spent more than 20 years developing her unique nutrition protocol. The Sadie Kaufman Method is a personalized nutrition program using nutrient dense everyday food over supplements. With her team based in Morelos, Mexico, Sadie has worked with countless clients throughout Mexico and Internationally heal a wide-range of chronic conditions from autoimmune and hormonal problems to tooth decay. Using basic blood and urine tests, Sadie and her team create personalized plans tailored for each individual’s unique metabolism. She offers individual and family consultations, nutrition workshops and retreats. Read life-changing testimonials here

Womb Healing & Life-Design with Mariana Quiroga

Mariana likes to play with nature, strategies and energetic movement. Her invitations weave life, design innovation, and ancestral traditions to fully embrace the present and surrender to Divine Grace. Envisioning a regenerative future, she designs and facilitates strategic sessions and subtle experiences of connection for soul-discoverers and diverse communities so we can nurture the self, tap into creative manifestation and allow magic, play, awe and joy to emerge.

Gene Keys and Rituals with Ting Kelly |

Ting designs transformative experiences for global leaders looking to shift paradigms in culture, wellness and technology. What drives her is working toward a world of humanitarian and ecological thriving and co-existence. She has started over 3 companies, all centered around creating immersive experiences for individuals and organizations. She integrates a range of systemic methodologies designed to distill your unique genius, soul essence and life’s work, so that you can align your cyclical rituals to allow your power and creative expression to manifest abundantly. For the last two years, she has focused on building Ritual Studio to support female leaders in transitioning out of comfort zones in work and life, and step more fully into their deeper purpose and connection to their inner truth and beauty. 

She is honored to be co-creating the program with three powerful women, and offering Gene Keys deep dive sessions as well as incorporating integrative rituals through the program design. She will also be offering her annual year-end-review program, Nightingale, as a month-long immersion to digest, integrate and vision your year ahead across the New Year.




Feel into the potency of last year’s retreat in Malinalco.

Learn more about Sadie Kaufman’s method


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