Day 1






Day 1







Self-Study for Modern Creatives


 by Mari Sierra & Erica Jago 



The spaces you carve for yourself determine the quality of your presence and the impact of your work in the world.  

We've compiled the best resources from our two years of hosting workshops together in Mexico, Bali, Hawaii and California. Now, you can feel as if you’ve traveled with us to one of our creative retreats, without leaving the comfort of your home. This experience will help you enter uninterrupted and inspired states of flow so you can resume your work from a place of conscious creativity. 


The Experience Kit has been designed so you can retreat at your own rhythm. You find your time and space.  We provide all the inputs in sound, written and visual form. Carefully curated materials to accompany your personal time of introspection and self-study. 


yoga sequences + meditations + soundscapes + creative habits + nature art






Go inwards



Go inwards



Cultivating Inner Guidance

This in-home retreat experience is foremost designed to invite serenity, contemplation and integration. With the audio recordings and sound journeys, you will immerse yourself in a zone of extreme calm and deep inquiry, preparing your 'inner space' for pristine awareness, so you can enter uninterrupted and inspired states of flow and learn creative habits for conscious creativity.



Focus through meditation
Cultivate states of easeful flow to tap into higher creativity
Develop inner wisdom to become a creative leader in your field
Reconnect with your "higher self"through nature art
Grow into a mature, embodied and spiritually connected creative human  


What does it include?

2 guided meditations by Mari Sierra (downloadable mp3) 
1 yoga sequence with Jago Yoga Asanaglyphs  (downloadable PDF)
1 hr. dance mixtape by Mari Sierra (downloadable mp3)
2 soundscapes (1hr. carefully curated playlists to cultivate stillness & flow) (Link to playlist) 
Journaling exercises for spiritual discernment & meaning making  (downloadable PDF) 
Nature Art - creative activity  (downloadable PDF) 



- Posture instruction to support your body with alignment and relaxation.

- Cultivating the ideal energetic conditions for a still mind and open heart, in a container of silence and introspection, accompanied by inspired visualizations of essence & intention. 

Self Study

nature art + self-study

- Ikebana is an ancient japanese art of flower and plant arranging to open one's perception of the world, inviting us to see with the heart of the mind. This awakens delight in ourselves and others and helps us to connect to our true nature. 




Listen to a sample meditation



- Soundscape for stillness: Singing bowls, ancient chords, mystic chants and binaural beats. Spacious, airy, silky & soothing. 

- Soundscape for flow: Sustained effusive energy, focus inducing, rhythmic dynamic pace. Expansive, grounded, enthusiastic hype. 


GUIDED yoga sequences

Designed to stimulate inspiration and intuition through Yoga Asanas, conscious movement and breath coordination.

The focus is to train the mind to tune its attention inwards and thus, step into active creative flow. 


If this content resonates and you feel ready to do the "inner work" to cultivate your creative mind, request an invite now to receive an Experience Kit for your remote retreating. =