Gaëlle Dreyfus

poeta y artista


17 de julio, 1982 - 16 de septiembre 2018
instagram: @gaelledreyfus

constellation of deep

I find everything in surrender
I let go and become all
fearless presence


Gaelle Dreyfus

Poeta, madre, tejedora y navegante de la conciencia. Los versos de Gaëlle son breves y precisos, le hablan directo a la esencia.  Ella cura con sus poemas, y así, como maga, cura a quien la lee.
Le teje constelaciones a sus poemas que profesan un cambio interno; un punto de reflexión para sentir a la naturaleza dentro.  

Gaëlle profeta, que con sus constelaciones abre un oasis a la imaginación y reprograma nuestro diálogo interno.
Gaëlle musa, que con su arte le permite al corazón sentir el despertar que se acerca, ese amor infinito que todos añoramos.
Gaëlle maga, que modifica el tiempo y el espacio con sus hilos y versos. 

Foto de Luna Nikol
Tributo compilado por Mar Sierra


constellation of space

I worship the silence
that holds me. 


Groundbreaking Love

groundbreaking love



constellation of reverence

I yield to the bounty of me
I bow to my sacred skin

constellation of GRATITUDE

My heart is so open
My love is eternal
And it is reflected in you

constellation of unity

Sweet surrender
Honey you


You will know me
by the silence we emit


you may feel me

constellation of high magic

 This is the way of alchemy
The magnetics of light
An astounding love


It is within me
this pleasure
and I become
always become
because gravity




When felt, I see the symmetry of my feelings.

My emotions draw lines inside my body that then break the barrier of my skin and keep going into the outside.

A constellation is having perspective on an emotion.

Observing the physicality of an emotion.

What I thought was pain is really a quantum leap in some specific understanding.

It is the process of alignment that I feel.

I question every single thought and a sense of freedom invades me.

I think my entire body is collapsing and devastation is my creative force.

There is no health or sickness.

Only the continuum of symbolic awareness.

Constellations contain everything.

Because geometry is everything.

I alone can access the burst of open.

The consciousness of the non-corporeal.

And then translate that cognitive dissonance into poetry.

My brain is what I use to tune in.

I am metaphorically mapping the neural pathways of my emotions.

Gaëlle Dreyfus, 2015.

Gaelle en La Mar, Haramara, 2016

Gaelle en La Mar, Haramara, 2016