Future Female

During the creative activities at La Mar, we uncovered our multicultural definition of sensuality and inner erotism through 4 archetypes of the erotic feminine that reside within each of us: 


maiden |  seductress |  wild woman |  priestess


We invite you to meet them and become her, become you.

Let these images start a symbolic dialogue within you and release a wave of energy towards change and manifestation in your life.


Every participant at La Mar Yoga Retreat received a booklet
to guide their journey inwards; with inspiring imagery, poetry, sutras and detailed daily themes to accompany our spirit's journey of transformation.

You can download it for free and taste a sample of our goodness. 
May it delight your exquisite creativity! 



The future female embodies all archetypal energies. Work your life through this stories...let them happen to you.  Water  your stories with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom.



 curation, text, narration: Mari Sierra

design: Erica Jago   


"Bone by bone, hair by hair, Wild Woman comes back. Through night dreams, and events half understood and half remembered...The defiant wild woman does not censor her own stories. She is much like a wolf: robust, overflowing with strong life force, inventive, life-giving, territorial and loyal.”  She is of the Earth, the mountain and sky, she speaks with animals and minerals. She chooses friends and lovers that see her a living criatura, knowing her wounds are doors to her sane and deeper life.  

*Clarissa Spinkola Estés, Women who dance with wolves


She blesses her environment with presence and magic.
Her voice commands the sacred, in times of darkness, she honors the alchemical forces that connects us all: the elements, the 4 directions, astral planes and energy centers.

Her craft reveals the language of symbols, geometries and myths.  She speaks astral ancient tongues, and creates harmony whenever she gathers with her tribe.


She attracts that which inspires greatness, with her refined posture and penetrating gaze, she moves like a swan gracefully through time and space, opening hearts and inviting depth, confident that her sensuality is an artful expression of her self esteem.

Masterful at the use of sensual delights, she plays with matter as magic and highlights the erotic feminine energy as a divine and healing human gift. 



She embodies a confident, graceful, strong, autonomous woman, the one who knows herself and works to cultivate her gifts. The maiden is all about magnetism.

She stands firm in her power as a catalyst and attracts what she desires. She’s assertive and asks for what she needs, while she celebrates other women making positive changes in their lives.



How do you embody the future female?  Give yourself permission to feel your life as a masterpiece! 

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photos posted by La Mar attendees 

'imagery sources can be found on C A R M E N  Pinterest Board by Sierra y Mar