Ego Death - witnessing awareness of Self

creative laboratory to expand the recognition of our humanity

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Spirit Warrior


Constructs the Future  


We look at the elements as guides to understand 'our nature', the body, the sacred and the unknown.  

Through our artistically designed learning experiences, we aim to inspire the will for inner growth and creative expression. Mind-body practices rooted in ancient traditions (Yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhism), modern dance techniques and social psychology, to stay grounded, intuitive and emotionally aware of our inner realms to bring light to those moments in the "in-between”.

We believe we can learn how to heal ourselves and transform the world through our choices and our creations. 

Movement is our medicine.

Contemplation, our way of knowing. 

Presence, our art.

Energy, our currency.  







Inner Teacher


Embodies the Present

Sounds to evoke silent space, inundated with inviting clarity. 

They will set the mood for your body-mind to be in a higher state of meditative serenity, to recognize the interconnectedness. 

Sounds to evoke silky, lightness of being.  

They will make you move and feel deep inside. Let your arms and hands be a continuum between inspiration and action. 




Mari Sierra

Creative Director

Mari Sierra helps people and teams find clarity and ways to improve what they’re designing. She facilitates collaborative design sessions to bring forth new paradigm businesses integrating systems thinking + human-centered design.

As a movement & yoga teacher immersed in the digital world, she’s passionate about the future of technology and the impact that has, and will have in our minds and bodies.

Founder of Sierra y Mar, she designs experiential travel learning journeys across the globe to spark leadership, embodiment & multi-cultural immersions. Global citizen, born in Mexico city, currently lives between San Francisco & Berlin.


Erica Jago

Artist* Teacher *Designer

Erica is an accomplished graphic designer, whose book Art of Attention was ranked #1 for book design on 

In her teachings, design is vital for transforming instructional concepts into artful and meaningful class experiences.

Her classes and retreats use Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga to master a profound love in our attitudes, our emotional experiences and our relationships to our bodies.