we create beautiful learning journeys for embodied living

intimate, sensory & multicultural experiences advancing an integral lifestyle and conscious creativity

Movement is our medicine.

Silence, our way of knowing. 

Presence, our art.

Energy, our currency. 


We look at the elements as guides to understand 'our nature', the sacred and the unknown residing in the body, connecting us with the universal and expanding our consciousness. 

Through our artistically designed learning experiences, we aim to inspire the will to lead a healthy, sacred and creative life. Mind-body practices rooted in ancient traditions (Yoga, Buddhism, Ayurveda, Shamanic & energetic techniques), as well as contemporary dance techniques, somatics and social psychology.  These practices allow our bodies to stay grounded, intuitive and emotionally aware of our inner realms to bring light to those moments in the "in-between”.

We believe we can learn how to heal ourselves and transform the world through our choices and our creations.  


upcoming retreats

13-19 · N O V E M B E R · 2018

a healing journey for mind, body and being
México City & Malinalco

Our intention is to support truth seekers and meaning makers around the globe with a dynamic container for embodiment, integration and growth.

This journey will be a fresh view into what makes Mexico City a creative and healing vortex. You will experience the city like a local with curated visits to archaeological sites, history museums, artist studios, exquisite mexican meals, accompanied by the wisdom of ancestral healing modalities.  


We will have daily embodiment practices to help you develop an energetic dialogue with yourself, others and the world. We say yes to the richness of life. We practice yoga, movement and meditation to enter our zone of coherence: to reboot, replenish and re-center. 

Space is limited to 20. 
 Click here to reserve your spot today.


past experiences 


A stillness & flow retreat. We learn practices to bring softness and aliveness to our body/mind. 


We gather to learn to develop a relationship with the natural flow of life. Exploring what is it to cultivate spirit flow, become a sensual feminine and see the other women as your muse. 

Becoming Earth

This sound journey was played live during the 'Sound & Consciousness' exhibit, inside a life-size cocoon, emulating nature's rhythms through sound collaging and guided visualizations. 


As global nomads with a desire to explore the deep questions of life, we curated this mini-sabbatical to replenish, heal & transform together, and realign our life's work from a point of essence. 



What's the interplay of sound in our everyday awareness? How does the rhythm of a city impact our beings? Can we alter states of being with sounds? 

Listen to our sound-journaling practice and transport your felt imagination into other frequencies. Find sonoric landscapes from diverse cities, spoken word pieces, guided meditations and curated playlists for delicious movement, traveling from stillness into flow.  


Sounds to evoke silent space, inundated with inviting clarity. 

They will set the mood for your body-mind to be in a higher state of meditative serenity, to recognize the interconnectedness. 

Sounds to evoke silky, lightness of being.

They will make you move and feel deep inside. Let your arms and hands be a continuum between inspiration and action. 


about us


Sierra y Mar collaborates with extraordinary individuals who are passionate to co-create the collective shift our world is yearning for. We unite to potentialize our strengths and inspire greatness in each other with skillfull action. 



mariana quiroga

designer - mystic yogini
 co-host at BodyLab


erica jago

designer - yogini
 co-host at La Mar


gaëlle dreyfus

poet - artist
 poet at NaturaMorta


michel bachmann

corporate shaman
 co-host at Decelerate

 portrait by Daniel N. Johnson

portrait by Daniel N. Johnson

Mari Sierra

Creative Director

Mar Sierra is an experience designer & creative facilitator who works in the intersection of design, wellbeing and cultural shifts. She frequently teaches workshops and hosts transformational retreats, and speaks about the art of living a healthy and well-examined life. 

Trained as a systems thinker, yoga teacher and social designer, Mari graduated from an MBA in Design Strategy from the California College of the Arts in 2013. With an interest in processes and visually elegant solutions, Mari’s collaborations range from developing creative concepts, strategic research methods, digital interfaces, talent curator, network building, to workshop facilitation and leadership education; aspiring to use Design as a tool that propels us toward a more embodied future. 

As a teaching artist, she founded Sierra y Mar, a creative laboratory that designs learning/healing journeys that promote shifts in culture through embodiment, conscious living and insightful creativity.

Her retreats are multi-sensory, cultural immersive rituals that integrate disciplines to heal, transform and uncover new futures dormant within. She has hosted creative and wellness-based experiences in San Francisco, Berlin, Basel, Brazil, Bali, Zurich, Hawaii and Mexico city, witnessing the transformative power of practicing Stillness & Flow.  

As a global citizen, she's lived as a nomad for 2 years, creating soundscapes from her field recordings (listen on soundcloud).  Her desire is to accompany the human soul with learning experiences and inspiring multimedia to spark insightful hope in this times of complex change. 

Mari holds an MBA in Design Strategy, an International Business degree, a Yoga Instructor and Somatic Psychology Certificate and has recently adventured into contemporary dance and performance art. She is always in process of defining her craft and follows her curiosity fearlessly.  She currently resides in the heart of Mexico city.


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Silence is the frequency for invention

Richard Rudd, Gene Key #24